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LDAP Integration with DevTest

User authentication is an important aspect of DevTest. It helps control access to the various features of DevTest by the users. This is especially critical when multiple teams are involved. This document talks about LDAP integration for authentication in DevTest. This helps integrate the LDAP...


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CA DevTest integration with ALM

Hello All,   This document describes the prerequisites for ALM integration with DevTest along with step by step description of the process to be followed with screenshots. It also briefly touches upon how to debug any errors that come up during the integration. For the purpose of the...


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Tech Tips: DevTest 9.1.0 and 9.5.1 New Plugins Integration with ALM 12.20,  12.21 or 12.50

The plug-in lets you load and run a DevTest test case as an ALM test from the HP ALM suite. This integration allows you to take advantage of all ALM features while harnessing the power of DevTest testing. By loading a DevTest test case into ALM, you get a real-time execution of DevTest...