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Tech Tips: Resolving Error "Error Deleting the User" from Server Console

Issue We are not able to delete any users from the DevTest Server Console . We are getting error "Error Deleting the User".   Environment DevTest 9.0.0   Cause The problem was caused by the constraint FK USER PREFERENCE1 on the Registry Database.   Resolution You will...

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Tips : Element Archive action includes Delete autority by default

Tips About Endevor Native and External Security:   When you issue an ARCHIVE Element action, Endevor does a single call to security for ARCHIVE, whether or not you are doing a delete as well.   With ESI(External security Interface) only, the only way around this is to give ARCHIVE...

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I had a customer who asked about jboss log rotation, specifically deleting older files to avoid running low on disk spacce. By default we use the DailyRollingFileAppender which does not include any functionality to delete older files.   We discussed using a size based file rolling file...

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How to restrict a user from deleting a job in activated, starting or running state

Variable RESTRICT DELETE JOB=1 can be exported from  $AUTOUSER/$HOST on any CA WAAE 11.3.x System   RESTRICT DELETE JOB=1 Re  Restricts a user from deleting a job when the job is in the ACTIVATED, RUNNING, or STARTING state..