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No export after campaign is finished

Problem: Import and export connector to Identity MAnager is configured and working. Role change requests are exported to Identity Manager. Campaign results are not exported to Identity Manager.   Steps to reproduce: Perform a request for a provisioning role change. Wait for...

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Tech Tip: After upgrade to SOI 4.0 Event policies stopped working

Problem: --   We have upgrade our SOI from 3.x to 4.0 and after upgrade all event policies deployed (On connector or MTC) are not working. Workaround ------   1. Stop following services services > CA SAM Event Management > CA SAM Integration Services 2. Go to location...

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Identity Portal endorsed folder

In version 12.6.6 of Identity Portal the endorsed folder was copied manually to the application server. In 12.6.7 version, the installer was supposed to do this automatically so this step is not documented. However, the installer is not performing this action and the manual step is still...

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Tech Tip : The connector is online, but all the SCOM entities appear in CA SOI as "Unknown"

SCOM 2012 r2 SCOM CONNECTOR 4.3 SOI 3.3 Catalyst Container 3.4.1   Q: "The connector is online, but all the SCOM entities appear in CA SOI as "Unknown"   A: Please check for the following message in the ifw.log(s) on the connector    machine     ...

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Tech Tip: How to delete CI created by USM Web View

For some business reason you might have to create CI in USM Web View. But it can not be deleted by the same way it works for other connectors (Remove connector and all CI will be deleted). To delete CI created by USM WebView steps are: - Login to USM Web View - Click on 'Browse by CI Type' - In...