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CA Community GO! Using the Search Bar, Ask Bar, and Filters

While we mainly bring you one GO video per entry, this time we will feature three. The first is using the search bar and exploring all its features, second, using the ask bar on a community homepage, and lastly, applying filters to find content more relevant to your search. There is overlap...

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CA Community Go! Gamification

Come one come all, find how to earn points, badges, esteem, and see your global ranking on the CA Communities gamification system. After watching this Go! You will be able to find your score, ranking, missions to be completed, badges earned, and setting up your "Me in Three."

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CA Community GO! Creating Custom Streams

Welcome to the third entry in the Community Go! series. This tutorial will walk you through creating custom streams. Streams allow you to add any community members and communities you want to follow, and have all the activity from those added brought right to you in a simple stream. Simply watch...

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CA Community GO! Setting Up Your Profile

Welcome to the first CA Community GO! What is GO!? They will be short video tutorials, allowing you to watch and GO! Into the Communities with the guidance you need to get started on a variety of subjects. The first in this series will help you set up your profile. Go forward...