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Tech Tip: How to verify TLS/SSL certificates/keys match

  1) Commands to verify a server private key matches the certificate: Certificate: openssl x509 -noout -modulus -in <certificateFile> | openssl md5 Private Key:         openssl rsa -noout -modulus -in  <server privateKey>...

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Tech Tip: Cannot get hourly samples beyond 33 days in CAPC Dashboard Views

There is a role to enable higher resolution on dashboards but only applies to the 30 days or less time range. This will allow you to do 5 minute for 30 days, for example. But above 30 days, only the system defaults are available. Below are the default resolution values available CA...

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Tech Tip: How to clone different users based on different LDAP groups in CA Performance Center

Problem: I have several teams that I want to give specific access in CAPC through LDAP authentication.   Example:   Group Support Team A userClone to CA Performance Center UserA Group Support Team B userClone to CA Performance Center UserB   Solution: ...

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Tech Tip: CA Remote Engineer (CARE) in PM 2.3.4

In CA Performance Management 2.3.4, the CA Remote Engineer (CARE) tool is now installed with the four components.   The location of the CARE tool and instructions for running are noted below:   Using CA Remote Engineer The CA Remote Engineer (CARE) tool gathers data that...

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Tech Tip: Does the RSA BSAFE DUAL_EC_DRBG vulnerability affect CA Performance Center or its components?

By default, some RSA BSAFE product releases use the Dual Elliptic Curve Deterministic Random Bit Generator, DUAL EC DRBG, which is not cryptographically secure. CA Performance Center does not use the RSA BSAFE software, so the product is not affected.   **RSA and BSAFE are registered...