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CA SOLVE:Access Session Management and Password Phrases

CA SOLVE:Access Session Management and Password Phrases   Password phrases are 9 to 100 character strings that are used in place of passwords. External security managers RACF, CA Top Secret and CA ACF2 support password phrases.  Maintenance is now available that provides password...

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An IBM SHARE publication on BCPii (which interfaces with the SOLVE:Op Hardware Interface Service--HIS)

BCPii is used by the SOLVE:Operations Automation Hardware Interface Service (HIS) to communicate with System Z ' s      Hardware Management Console (HMC).   This link takes the reader to an IBM BCPii SHARE publication that discusses BCPii ' s setup and...

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Addressing SHELLSHOCK Security Vulnerability

Review of all SOLVE/Netmaster products indicates that there are no direct vulnerabilities within the products themselves.  However, customers must be diligent in applying any Bash shell patches provided by their z/Linux vendor (i.e. SuSE or RH) to their Linux environments.