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What actually is a Docker Container ?

It has come to my attention during talks, conf-calls and WebEx - that many people can't imagine what an actual docker container is. That reminds me of the "Cloud" hype we had some years ago. Everyone talked about it - very few actually knew/understood what it really was   From the ...

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The Loneliness of the Solitary APM Administrator

Introduction   There is a special place in my heart for the lone site APM administrator. Lack of time is always their challenge. They have often more than one product to support. The requirements of APM administration is always changing as more applications are frequently added to...

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Four Keys to Successful APM Searches: Part One

Four Keys to Successful APM Searches: Part One   Introduction     "Nothing is Hidden." While the Soto Zen founder, Eihei Dogen, was talking about "practicing life as a meditation", he easily could have meant searches for Application Performance Management information. &...