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Tech Tip: What can be done in XCOM to make sure SSLv3 is still supported once the IBM PTF is applied?

Question: Please be aware that IBM has issued a PTF that will affect cryptographic services, in which it will disable SSLv2 and SSLv3 at a system level. This will affect all 3 rd party vendors, such as XCOM, that still support SSLv3. What can be done in XCOM to make sure SSLv3 is still...

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Tech Tip: UIM - Is it possible to update the OpenSSL used by the hub and robot?

Introduction: OpenSSL has been updated with some new features we would like to take advantage of.   Question: How is the revision of OpenSSL which the hub and robot use updated?   Answer: The revision of OpenSSL is hard coded and can not be updated except via an update to...

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Tech Tip : How to create self signed RootCA/Server/User Certificates using OpenSSL

Summary: In this document, we will discuss how to create a self signed RootCA, Server & User Certificates using OpenSSL tool either standalone or the one bundled with Apache. Pre-requisites: OpenSSL Environment: This test was performed on Windows , but the same...

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CAPKI r4.3.4 Release Announcement

CAPKI r4.3.4 has been signed off and the builds are available for use in embedded installer components. Products affected: EEM via CA Directory R12 all versions prior to SP14. Any existing CA Directory r12 host (prior to SP14) can apply this CAPKI patch independently.   Issues...