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RoCE Horror, Volume 5: PFC Free

A colleague recently pointed me to “ 11 Myths of RoCE .” Previously, RoCE’s version proliferation had put me in mind of a certain boxing movie hexology . But this article’s remarkable assertions brought to mind a more cultish classic, the Rocky Horror franchise , which is many things:...

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Affordable Gen 6 - Flash-Ready Without Compromise

Today marks a breakthrough moment; one which fundamentally redefines the economics of the storage infrastructure equation. After tens of thousands of conversations with our customers, decades of deploying best-in-class solutions, and thousands of product launch team hours, we’ve achieved an...

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The NVMe Party Begins

There’s been a lot of buzz about NVMe in the last year, as well as growing noise around NVMe-over-Fabrics. There are several technology options for transporting NVMe-over-Fabrics, and so of course there are competitive claims about which is the best choice. One of the claims that always makes...