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How Flash and FC-NVMe Changes Latency for Shared Storage

How Flash and NVMe changes latency for shared storage is a subset from the FCIA Webcast on Nov 1st. There are many elements involved in networked storage latency The primary change in latency for shared storage is two-fold Flash is an orders of magnitude faster performing...

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NVMe over Fabrics: What’s next for NVMe

NVMe SSDs have been around for several years and leveraged in enterprise data centers (as in-server storage) through to laptop applications. However, until now it’s been impossible to scale NVMe beyond the rack and across the data center, leaving data stranded on storage islands. In June 2016,...

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The NVMe Party Begins

There’s been a lot of buzz about NVMe in the last year, as well as growing noise around NVMe-over-Fabrics. There are several technology options for transporting NVMe-over-Fabrics, and so of course there are competitive claims about which is the best choice. One of the claims that always makes...