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Enterprises Pursuit of Gold Without Data Insights

Every four years the greatest athletes in the world come together, but are the 2016 Rio games different than in years past? According to BBC news , athletes are leveraging data more than ever to help them win medals. Whether it’s the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) closely monitoring 2,000...

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HPE has a Crystal Ball for Flash Storage

Businesses are faced with overwhelming challenges pertaining to growth in structured and unstructured data, as well as increased pressure to transform their IT department from a cost burden to an economic engine. The use of virtualization, flash storage, and automation tools has...

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Gaining Deeper Insight into Your Applications Performance

Recently a new infographic titled “ What Happens in an Internet Minute? ” caught my attention, not because of the facts, but rather the questions it provoked. What is happening within my applications in the data center? Today, flash technology and high-performance storage networks have...