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ESP and ENBP1000

We are playing with #esp submitting #endevor pkgs and have run into a few snags and am in search of some "real world" feedback. Here's what we have set up: ESP appl run under a "service id" that kicks off #enbp1000 job contains a "manual job" entry for the endevor submitted intrdr pkg job ...

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Modify Field "Comments" in Unified Self Service (USS)

Good morning Community, In a client, the Unified Self Service (USS) tool is installed and integrated with the Service Catalog (SC), Process Automation (PAM) and Service Desk Manager (SDM) applications to generate different types of requests to be managed by resolution groups. Said applications...


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Need help with .msi install-able for CA SV CE

Hello Folks, Please help by sharing if we have .msi install-able for CA SV Community Edition tool. Thanks Tarun #msipackage