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Re: This project name was in use in the past and cannot be reused

Hi Julio, Did Gregg suggestion, answered your query. If yest I want to request to mark the same as correct answer. Thanks, #openquestions

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Re: ERP Releases  - CA Release Automation

answer your question. #openquestions

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Re: Action "REST operation" hangs?

Hi Michael, Sorry replying to your thread very late but wanted to check if you see any recurrence of this again. If so I will request to open a support ticket may be support can help to root cause if this is N/W issue or caused by something else. #openquestions

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Re: Failed to connect to actions package's repository

Hi Patricio, Did above answered your query. If yes I want to request to mark the same as correct. In case if you need some more help on this it looks to me a support ticket. #openquestions

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Re: Using Get Version for TFS 2010 i m getting all files using Changeset id

Hi Rohit, Did Michael suggestion answered your query. If yes please don't forgot to mark it as correct. #openquestions