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using existing Rest API as Datasource backend in Live Api Creator

Hi, one of our customers has raised a request to use the LAC for creating a new abstractive rest api above an existing Rest Api (as datasource). so far our back end data source was mainly Database and i cannot find any example in documentation for the requested use case. your help will be...

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How to Expose SOAP Service USING LAC?

Hi All, can we expose SOAP service using LAC? How? I've got WSDL & service URL with me. #soapservice #liveapicreatorlac

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LAC with Oracle FAN?

Hi Team, I'm having Live API Creator opportunity and there was a question whether we're able to connect to Oracle with Fast Application Notification. I was unable to find the information neither in the docs nor the community. I appreciate the help. Best regards, Mariusz #lac ...