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Re: How to save changes to XML DOCU tabs?

I’ve played around a bit with the relevant Java APIs: GetObjectDocu DocuContainer XMLDocumentation XMLDocuNode Here too, I was unable to find a way to save changes to an XML documentation tab. Am I overlooking something? #aejavaapis #javaapplicationinterface #caautomicautomationengine

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Re: Programmatically change the order of an Agent Group

I know of no way to alter agent groups via AE scripting. You can however do this via the HostGroup Java API class. I don’t know if it’s possible to remove a single agent, but you can do something like this: Get the list of agents using the hosts() method; Remove all agents using the clear()...

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Re: Automic's plans for Java commercialization?

I noticed the change to the wording a few months ago, and raised the issue internally. I do not know whether we will switch to OpenJDK or purchase a license, but either way, the impact is going to be substantial. If customers are to run CA's various Java-based components without purchasing a...

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Re: CA PPM Tech Tip: How to replace your Jaspersoft Database password so it remains encrypted

Nika Hadzhikidi Thank you so much for your contribution; very helpful! I realize this thread is nearly a year old, but since a few commentors and myself had issues updating the password when using configuration password encryption (Failed to Decrypt error when starting the jasper listener) I...

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Oracle EBS 12.2 Agent Installation

Dear All, I am trying to install agent at one of our customer site. They have oracle EBS application on weblogic. The OS they are using for the same is Linux. I tries to install agent using scripts like and But it didn't started the agent with...