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Re: Upgrading to Spectrum 10.2.0 in fault tolerant environment could cause SpectroSERVER to crash

Hi, I had this problem upgrading 10.1.1 to 10.2 running on RedHat 5.9 Error message to help other users: SPC-OCP-10049: The SpectroSERVER process terminated with a Segmentation Violation #caspectrum10.2 #10.2 #terminated #segmentation #violation #update []s VW

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JasperSoft Integration Issue

-- CA tech support advises that Spectrum 10.2 is not compatible with our current version of JasperSoft (6.1). Spectrum requires JasperSoft version 6.3

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DevTest Portal Improvements in 10.2

The purpose of this document is to describe the usability related improvements made to Portal in DevTest 10.2


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Guide for Migration to Dev test 10.2

Hi All, Currently we are using version LISA version 8 and planning to migrate to version 10 . Do we have a documentation guide for the same to how to carry out Migration #cadevtest10.2 #migrate #devtest8.2

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CA World Spectrum Presentation: Integrating CA UIM and CA Spectrum

Demo to Prepare for “Hands-On Lab: Take a Deep Dive with Experts Who Have Integrated CA Unified Infrastructure Management (formerly CA Nimsoft Monitor) and CA Spectrum®” View the Presentation on SlideShare This presentation was given just before the hands on lab. Use this presentaiton to help you prepare for your own #caunifiedinfrastructuremanagement and #spectrum integration

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New to CA Spectrum?[1]

I recently met a few people at #caworld2014 who were not aware of some helpful resources for #spectrum9.4.1 If you are new to #caspectrum - Here are 8 great resources to help you get started. If you have other suggestions that should be added to these slides, please share in the comments...