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Automic Version12.2 - Can it work with Active Data Guard ?

Hello We are upgrading our engine to ver 12.2 to work on on Linux and with Oracle (from Windows ans MSSQL). on MSSQL we use high availability and it very important to us to keep the high availability with oracle too. We finish all the migration and tested today a failover between the DBs, when we stop the Oracle primary DB the Active Data Guard immediately switch (12 sec) to the secondery DB, But, the Automation Engine recognize this DB only after 15 minutes . so there was 15 minutes that nothing worked at the engine

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Data written to static VARA object with :PUT_VAR not immediately accessible

Is this a bug, or is the Automation Engine working as designed?

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Re: Working with XML objects

I recently discovered that it’s possible to use CREATE OBJECT to create XML VARAs . This makes the following workflow possible: Use CREATE OBJECT to create an XML VARA object. Use :PUT VAR to write XML content to the XML VARA object. Use GET VAR to read one part of the XML VARA object. Use ...

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Re: set default login color

Automic Web Interface customization If you like the idea, please vote for it

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Re: Rebuild Prompt - Substitution VARA in ":READ - Command"

Here is an updated version that handles all prompt set element types. I’ve put it in a JOBI to make it easy to re-use. UC0.PREP PROCES PROMPTSET.JOBI :PRINT "-- BEGIN UC0.PREP PROCES PROMPTSET.JOBI --" :SET &PPP Hnd# = PREP PROCESS PROMPTSET("&PromptSet Name#") :SET &NumColumns# =...

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RE: Data written to static VARA object with :PUT_VAR not immediately accessible

I just tested this behavior in V11.2.4, and could not replicate it. As I plan for our upgrade to V12, it concerns me and I will add it to my test plan.