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Get Maximum Transaction Per Second Served by Gateway

Using SaaS Implementation of API Gateway -   I checked in the Policy Manager to get the TPS value by period as Month but that feature is not available. Currently it supports Hourly/Daily. To keep track and summarise for monthly details is tedious.   Secondly, We have Hits, Daily...

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2019-2020 Roadmap API Gateway

Is a #roadmap about the #apigateway product recently published? Greetings, Sebastian.

Add a "file" details view to the policy manager

When I view policies or fragments in the policy manager it would be great to have more of a detailed view option- displaying update date is most important but perhaps file size as well.  #apigateway

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Re: Postgre SQL from CA API Gateway

Jeff Stein norre01 #postgresql #apigateway. Hi Jeff, Reid, I googled a bit and found this document link Create a JDBC Connection to the OTK/OIDC Database (PostgreSQL) - CA Secure Cloud - 1.58 for Service Providers - CA Techn… This was very useful for the question i was referring to....

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How to implement oAuth2.0 in GW as API consumer

Hi, We want to consume some of the #google APIs through #apigateway. Prerequisite of it to generate #oauth2.0 tokens to call Google API. Are there assertions available in GW, through which we can authenticate with #googleapi over oAuth2.0 framework? Thanks, Sid.