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 VMware Entitlements are missing

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Seng Hwee Pang posted May 15, 2024 12:57 AM

I am not able to see my VMware Entitlements.

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Broadcom Employee Ravi_

Hello @Seng Hwee Pang,

If you have an existing profile on the Broadcom Support Portal and do not see entitlements
Please refer to Adding Broadcom Site IDs to an existing profile

If you need help finding your Site ID, please use the Support Site ID request Form 

If you need further assistance or to report issues, Please use The Customer Care Request Form or Contact Support via phone

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Same here, and when I talked to support they said, that is because I bought that license on the VMWare store and so there is no active contract. Their system needs a siteID for you to see anything, and to get a siteID you need to be an active customer... So unless you are an active customer of broadcom with ongoing contracts, unlike me  and thousands of others, you don't have a siteID and they have no idea how to show your licenses... I was told this will eventually be resolved but there is no ETA...

One more thing, the form referenced above to get a Site ID, does not work if your product is not listed, and many VMWare products like Workstation Pro are not listed, so you can't use that form to try to request a site ID, it won't let you submit it...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Broadcom who doesn't know how to deal with non-corporate customers...