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 U02000112:Remote System is not available via Connection Object

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Nitish Markandeye posted Apr 03, 2024 05:07 AM

I have recently upgraded to 21.0.9. SQL Agents have also been upgraded to 21.0.9+build.1701263991147. Problem is none of my connections ( MS SQL, Oracle, HANA ) are working. While performing -  Test all of them fail with - U02000112:Remote System is not available via Connection Object CONN.SQL.XXX. In ../bin/jdbc/ we have the required .jar files remaining from when it was 12.3. .smd files are perfectly fine. I cannot seem to find any error anywhere else.

Help will be appreciated.

Thank You.

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Shaikh Danish Farhan
Hello Nitish,
One potential reason could be the absence of the JDBC folder or necessary executable JAR files in your agent's "bin" directory. Please ensure that the executable JAR file for your database type is added to the "<agentfolder>/bin/jdbc" directory, such as "postgresql-42.5.4.jar" for Postgre Database or "ojdbc8.jar" for Oracle Database. After adding the correct JAR file, test the connection following the Agent's restart.
Broadcom's knowledge article:
Best regards,
S. Danish