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 TAMz class naming for ACF2 and RACF

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Bruno Charon posted Jul 25, 2023 07:27 PM

It's unclear from the manual which set of characters are allowed/denied in the class name for ACF2 or RACF.

In ACF2, I've set a class.xqr@00 which looks to be working properly for elevations with NOREQTICKT but not for elevations with REQTICKT.

In that case, I got "TAM0010CE: serviceDeskElevationClass validation failed"  error which is not even described in the manual.

I got a response for a case I raised which was:

At the moment we see the "@" character outside our specification and thus fails the validation. We see the contents of the elevation class name to be "alphanumeric or space", i.e. "[a-zA-Z0-9 ]*".  This should be made clear in the manual.

I'm also wondering how to include spaces into the class name.

Below is from the manual for ACF2:
Specifies the class name. Class records must have a period between the CLASS literal and the class name. Each
CLASS name must be unique.
Limits: 1 to 16

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Broadcom Employee Adam Hendrix Best Answer


The documentation has been updated to note the limitation of alphanumeric.



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Bruno Charon

Thanks for the answer. I'd like to understand how spaces could be inserted into TAMz class names.