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 Refined Work Item Count Estimate field missing

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Colby Plante posted Jun 06, 2024 11:50 AM

I am trying to build a capacity plan and following the how to documentation found in Rally. We are mostly kanban teams and wanted to use the by count feature to build the capacity report. As I am following the steps there is a section that says after the preliminary estimate you can refine the estimate using the Refined Work Item Count Estimate field.  

I can't find this field however.  It doesn't exist in any of our project fields lists and doesn't show in the detail view for any feature in the capacity plan.  My plan is currently in a draft status.  Do I need to publish before it becomes visible or is there something else going on as to why this field isn't showing?

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Broadcom Employee Nate Bever

Hello Colby,

No, you do not have to publish the plan to make it visible.  In fact, it's a field that is on Portfolio Items so it doesn't have any connection to a specific Capacity Plan.  The first thing I would suggest is to click the "Show Fields" button in the editor and search for that field to see if it's been hidden.  If you can't find it there you may have to talk to one of your Rally workspace administrators to see if they have hidden this field from the organization.

If that doesn't work then I'd recommend engaging Rally support because you should have access to this field.

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