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Erin Vargas posted Jul 02, 2024 09:47 AM

According to the documentation, I should be able to Pin up to 15 items  in My Work Items.  I seem to be able to select to 'Pin' on the work item, but My Work Items only shows up to 10.  Is this a known defect or is the documentation incorrect.

Additionally, when I sort by ID, ascending order I can not see highest and descending order I can not see the lowest - so I have 11 pinned, but can only see 10. 

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Broadcom Employee Kristy Corkan

@Erin Vargas is it possible you have items pinned in multiple workspaces, or pinned objectives?  The 15 item limit is the total pinned items for your user across the entire subscription, but when you see the My Pinned Items list it will only show you the items that are relevant to your workspace.  Also, Pinned Objectives are shown in a separate section of my work items but they also apply to the 15 item limit.   

Regarding the sorting, are you observing that there is a pinned item missing from the list when you sort in descending or ascending and that item exists in the list before it is sorted or is one item always missing from the list?  


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Erin Vargas

I am only working in 1 workspace.  In the attached 2 screenshots, you can see based on the sort that there is 1 work item different (first or last) so I'm not seeing my 11th pinned item.

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Broadcom Employee Kristy Corkan

@Erin Vargas I can see unexpected behavior in my own pinned items that may be related to the behavior you're seeing. I'm working with our team to dig in a bit more and will follow up here with more information when I have it.  Thank you for your patience!    

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Broadcom Employee West Blair

Hi Erin,

We have opened a defect for this. I wanted to open a case for you so you can be notified about it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to with the information in your profile. Please submit a case when you have a chance and I will add you to the defect. Sorry for the trouble.