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 LDAPSync Connection properties

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Artur Dusdal posted Nov 17, 2023 09:29 AM

Hello all, 

I am trying to set up the LDAPSync Tool and I think I understood how to use it but I cant get it to properly authenticate against the AE Server.
In the LDAPSync.xml my AE section looks something like this:

<AE cp="localhost:8444" username="0/myuser/mydepartment" password="somepassword" trustedCertFolder=""/>

I always get this no matter how I try to format the cp connection string.
ERROR  Could not connect to AE server. Please check AE username and password.

There is a JCP instance running on that local machine, the user is also there and can log in into the 0 client over the GUI 

Is there maybe something I am missing here?

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Broadcom Employee Markus Embacher Best Answer

Hi Artur,

you are connecting to a V21 JCP, so it's using TLS. That includes host name verification: is "localhost" listed in your certificate or do you have to use FQDN instead?. Not sure where your CA root certificate is located, maybe you need to point to it using trustedCertFolder.

Regards, Markus

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Artur Dusdal

Hello Markus, 

thank you for the input. That actually was the problem. I thought when beeing on the same machine where the JCP is running I can skip using SSL for test purposes but that is apparently not the case. 

Best Regards