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 How to code POJO parms

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John malczyk posted Nov 10, 2022 02:19 PM
Openshift plugin document provided by Broadcom show what field are required, but not how to code the statements.  I need to know how to code the "PARAMETER TYPE" statements for the fields Broadcom listed in the document.  I attached my attempt at the POJO_JOB be.  Please let me know where I went wrong.

OpenShift / Kubernetes Plugin Extension
Copyright © 2020 CA. All rights reserved. 12

Run Openshift Job Credentials
String baseURL The OpenShift base URL (
String user The username used for the login operation
String password The password used for the login operation (Token be used if user is blank)
String jobname The name for the OpenShift job
String namespace The namespace where the job will run
String jobDefinition The job definition to run. This can be in JSON or YAML format. For YAML each
       line must be terminated with a ‘\n’. A JSON or YAML file path can be specified
        formatted as an URI (file:/home/autosys/oc-pi.yaml)
boolean isCleanup Delete the job after processing is complete 




   METHOD monitorJob


   PARAMETER TYPE(jobname) VALUE(example-sidecar-init)

   PARAMETER TYPE(namespace) VALUE(myproject)

   PARAMETER TYPE(jobDefinition) VALUE(file:/temp/jpod.yaml)