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Sravani Kolli posted Apr 30, 2024 09:18 AM

Good morning All, 

I have a question regarding the WOB Trigger events. Is filename that these events use is case sensitive? As far as I know File names are NOT case sensitive at event level but want to confirm on it. For instance, the file that is ending with ".Don" is same as ".don"? When the programmer tried dropping a file with .don event didn't trigger but they dropped a file with .Don the event triggered after several minutes this has happened in test region but not in production region. 

Is it possible that ESP production region is somehow setup to not to be case-sensitive with these file-triggers events? Any help is appreciated. 

Thanks for all your help in advance!

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Broadcom Employee Nitin Pande


The filename can be case-sensitive at OS level.  If you define 'File.TXT' in Linux/UNIX, then it will not match 'file.TXT'.  In Windows, this may not be an issue.  Do an 'ls' for the file on Linux/UNIX and see what you get.


Nitin Pande

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Broadcom Employee Lucy Zhang

Hi Sravani,

There is no control/setting in ESP to decide if the filename on WOBTRIG is case-sensitive or not.

As Nitin (our agent expert) said, the match of the file activity will be decided by the operating system.