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 API-1003: Could not find resource links error message

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Lisa Currie posted Sep 28, 2023 07:16 AM

Our Production environment was upgraded earlier this week to v16.1.3 and we appear to have encountered some issues with users not being able to add tasks for timesheets. One user receives this API-1003 error message. She cannot add tasks and her 'Submit' button has disappeared. All appears correct with her financial settings and Open for Time Entry flags - does anyone have an ideas? A knowledge base article lists these API-1003 errors but none match the error my user is getting:

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Navdeep Joshi

What is the exact error message?

"She cannot add tasks" - is the user assigned to the tasks, and are the tasks and any phase (the task is under) open for time entry?

"'Submit' button has disappeared" - can you access the user profile (admin side) from Classic PPM and do a Reset Homepage?