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 Acquring maintenance, holddata and ASSIGN statements

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KEITH GOODING posted Sep 09, 2023 05:40 AM

It has been a while since I have actively maintained Broadcom products and I am confused by some of the instructions for acquiring maintenance. For instance some instructions say that I must download ASSIGN files and HOLDATA files using FTP(S) and RECEIVE them into SMP/E and some say that I can use an online interface to order a package. Here is my understanding of the section "Getting Started" in "Mainframe Common Maintenance Practices":

I can acquire and RECEIVE maintenance, HOLDDATA and ASSIGN statements in one of three ways:

(1). Use SMP/E RECEIVE ORDER to order and receive maintenance and HOLDDATA (including ASSIGNs), just as I am used to doing with IBM z/OS maintetance. ie I can order just HOLDDATA, Recommended service or all service. The advantage is that I can use the same method that I use for IBM maintenance. One disadvantage is that firewall changes may be required (HTTPS is not supported ??. I use that for IBM).

(2). I can use an online interface to generate a 'package' which can be downloaded and installed by SMP/E. 

(3). I can follow the individual steps to download PTFS, APARS, CARS files and ASSIGN statements into files and datasets and then RUN SMP/E jobs to load these into SMP/E.

 Is my understanding correct?. What about CARS assignments - are these including if I use SMP/E internet service retrieval or do I still have to download and receive the ASSIGNs in the CARS files ?

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Broadcom Employee Dawn Damore

Hi Keith

To answer your question, Receive Order (aka SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval) and Service Order UI will build packages that include the CARS assigns.  

Here is a few comments to clarify the download options: . 

  • Receive Order is the recommended method for acquiring SMP/E maintenance.  All packages will include ++PTF(s), ++APAR(s), ERROR HOLDDATA, FIXCATHOLD and all ASSIGN statements including CARS.   You will make a one time firewall change to access and   In addition, you will need a few certificates.
  • The Service Order UI is recommend if you cannot use Receive Order.   It will create a GIMZIP package that will download using Receive from Network JCL.    The packages will include ++PTF(s), ERROR HOLDs, FIXCAT HOLDS and all ASSIGN statements. 
  • The last option is to download from download manager.  In this scenario, the ERROR/FIXCAT HOLDDATA and ASSIGN statements have to be downloaded separately.   

Please let me know if you have further questions or would like to have a discussion


Dawn Damore