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an hour ago
Currently, we can monitor PHP applications which fulfill below requirement: The application run on top of Apache Webserver PHP installed as an Apache module (mod_php) It would be great if we can broad the requirement, such as run on top of Nginx Webserver ...
2 hours ago
If you want to get detailed Information about referenced attributes it should be easy to get those informations via link. At a minimum contact and CI-References should be links to the old GUI. Best would be that all referenced attributes can be reached via ...
18 hours ago
In ACF2, MRO connections can be given a default userid.  It would be good, useful, and provide better security to do the same for IPCONN connections.
20 hours ago
Support selection of which monitor to use for RDP sessions when multiple monitors are present and automatic resize of RDP when switching between monitors. Currently when using Remote Desktop in Full Screen, with multiple monitors, you are unable to choose ...
21 hours ago
As i have clients who wish to use this, why not allow snmpcollector to discover loopback addresses?
Have the USM in UMP show the actual status of the fields Admin Status and Oper Status in the Interface tab of a device, and not just the discovered status? Like if an alarm event is raised that the OPERSTATUS has changed from 1 to !=1 then have that reflected ...