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ESM support for migration of encapsulated assertions

Last activity 02-15-2017 01:05 AM
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02-04-2015 03:07 AM

Nowadays it is not possibly to migrate policies which contain encapsulated assertion in one step. The export and import of the encapsulated assertions is quite cumbersome and errorprone especially when you have to migrate policies between multiple stages (3-4 stages are quite common). The encapsulated assertions are a really good feature, but currently we lose the speed during migration which we have won on policy creation.


02-15-2017 01:05 AM

This functionality has also been added to the ESM, as of the 9.2 Gateway release.


- Aaron

09-15-2015 06:14 PM

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04-28-2015 09:04 PM

Hi Heiko, and Alvaro,


The 8.3 Gateway has been released, and as promised, includes the GMU (Gateway Migration Utility) that fully supports the migration of encapsulated assertions.

03-31-2015 04:35 PM

I also want that functionality. ESM became useless for us after the introduction of the encapsulated assertions on MAG.

02-11-2015 12:56 PM

8.3 is scheduled to release in calendar Q1/15


- Aaron

02-11-2015 05:14 AM

Hi Aron,

thank you for your anser.

When can we expect the 8.3 release?



02-10-2015 01:48 PM

Hi Heiko,


In the upcoming 8.3 release of the Gateway, we will include the new Gateway Migration Utility (GMU), which is designed to provide fully featured migration functionality for the Gateway.  It is built on the REST-based management API that was introduced in the current 8.2 release, which contains a fully featured migration API already.  The GMU will become the new supported migration solution for the Gateway.


The GMU in 8.3 will support the full migration of encapsulated assertions.