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Improving scalability of the Bulk Load Operation

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04-14-2016 11:01 PM


At current product, CSPAdmin do not know how many users contains within single Bulk jobs.

Only current solution is bothering customer to ask each jobs every day due to outage previously.


[Request for Enhancement]

Secure Cloud with CSPAdmin will be able to check each submitted Bulk jobs BEFORE Approved by CSPAdmin. (We can check AFTER approval)


We experienced by approving a large volume of single task and want to reduce a risk of outage anyhow.


05-02-2016 03:57 PM

So, we have established that customers want to run very large bulk load tasks, potentially trying to make changes to over 10,000 users at once. Since we have reasons to believe the product does not currently handle such large tasks gracefully we simply prohibit from running any tasks that are larger than this 10,000 threshold.


If the product could handle any size task gracefully, then there would be no need for CSPAdmin users to check the size of the task before approving, correct?


By "gracefully" I mean not crash or degrade the service for the requesting tenant or other tenants, ideally process all the load requested, if needed in multiple chunks, and at a minimum, worst case, provide a reasonable error message and recommendation that can be followed to easily rectify the situation.


Is this interpretation of the requirement accurate?

04-28-2016 09:32 PM

Hello Oleg,

We have currently restriction not to run a task, which is not containing more than 10,000 user change within single task.

So we have to ask customer each time for every task how many user changes in single task, which is not very productive.


Is there any way to be more productive ?

04-22-2016 11:44 AM

Thank you for submitting this idea for consideration. It is now under review by the product team.


It's important that we first come to a shared understanding on what we are trying to address. Depending on this there may be a number of ways how this can be addressed. Can you please review the following if it accurately describes what you want to achieve or if anything critical missing?


As a Security SaaS customer, I want to be able to request and run large bulk load operations without fear of causing a loss or severe service degradation.


For example, allowing CSP Admin to approve/reject a bulk load task request based on the number of users may or may not be the best possible solution to the above, and it may completely miss the mark if the actual underlying need is something else.