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Enhance JCL Check to allow find on expanded proc statements when JCL Check occurs from within a JCL

Last activity 09-28-2018 10:34 AM
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06-11-2018 03:06 PM

Development at my company do the majority of our JCL Checks using a top line command when in the JCL.  This expands the procs for viewing - but none of the expanded proc statements can be located using a find command.  In order to use the find command with JCL Check we have to submit it in batch. 


Our previous product allowed this function.  Previously when in a jcl member in a library if they typed JSCAN on top – it would perform the jcl check but switch the output to browse and allow them to do finds on the expanded statements.  Now to get the same results from jcl check they have to submit it in batch or foreground from the panel instead of a top line command in the jcl.  We'd like JCL Check to be able to do this function when in edit in the jcl.


09-28-2018 10:34 AM