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Export of the Work Flow audit record

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03-14-2016 01:09 AM

Hi CA Product Management Team,


I request you to consider to enhance product reporting functionality about approval/reject history of work flow.

We are now working with CA Services to implement approval workflow to AddToGroupEvent and RemoveFromGroupEvent.

The report must contain:

- Who requested it

- Which is the group requested/approved

- When it was requested

- Who approved/rejected the request

- When it was approved/rejected


I hope to implement this function to be response to external audit.

I know implementation of function is very difficult and take a long term.

Actually our project will be service in April first, then report is needed by end of April.


Request/Approval has been saved to the "View Submitted Tasks".

Therefore, I strongly request you to consider to provide a quick solution like as export service(View Submitted Tasks).


Thank you.


03-23-2016 01:12 PM

Thank you for submitting your product improvement idea. While it is in review by the product team the user community members can continue to vote and add comments for this idea.