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Intertest for CICS: Display and Change registers values in the Keep Window.

Last activity 01-14-2020 02:44 AM
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12-14-2018 05:17 PM

Enhance Intertest CICS to have the ability to display and change register values in the KEEP window. This allows the user the to view the keep data items and registers on one screen.

Currently to display and change register values you need to change the Intertest CICS profile to R (Registers) or use the CORE=R# where # is the register number to be displayed.

ref: SC01209821


01-14-2020 02:42 AM

Thank you for the idea. We reviewed it with the development team and the conclusion was not to proceed with it. The demand from our customer base for this functionality is low and priority wise this will get to the bottom of our current backlog.

If you still see a value in this enhancement and you want to discuss further, please drop me a message:

Kind regards, petr