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Keep the FSS UI

Last activity 12-17-2016 09:17 AM
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09-29-2015 06:10 AM

The FSS UI is probably the best way to visualize and administer SiteMinder Policies.

Please keep it for future versions or introduce similar presentation/ease of administration to the WAMUI before removing it.


06-20-2016 02:07 PM

I appreciate the feedback. We continue to ask for additional information about how we can improve the WAM UI but we are going to be deprecating the FSS UI. At this time, we are going to mark this request as 'not planned'.



10-12-2015 07:36 AM

Hi Rob,

  The FSS UI displays the tree structure of the Policy Domain the way the objects is related and organized, by design.


> Realms

>>> Rules

> Policies

> Responses

> Rule Groups

> Response Groups

It is easy to visualize when you look at the tree structure as opposed to the current WAMUI view. Anyone who have used the FSS UI remembers the structure and it helps them to navigate when they are in WAMUI, like why rule can be accessed only after you got into domain, realm.

Also compare the general number of clicks/time required to create a simple policy domain, protected realm, rules, response and policy for FSS UI and WAMUI, The FSS UI beats WAMUI by miles.


ACO/HCO administration

- I guess this is widely known as there's many ideas requesting the enhancement of the ACO administration in WAMUI.

Compare the number of clicks (FSSUI and WAMUI) the admin have to go through to get the TraceLogFile in an ACO



10-09-2015 08:01 AM



I'm one of the product managers for SSO and I'm interested to hear more about the presentation and ease of administration concerns that you have for the WAM UI. Can you elaborate on the aspects of the FSS UI that you are referencing that you would like to see in the WAM UI?