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Group Report Implementation for CA Performance Management.

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07-15-2020 11:15 AM

Please implement group level report, if we have campaired eHealth Vs CA Performace Management tool then found 80% wrongly implementation in CA Performance Management tool, For last 6 months we have raised 80+ ticket regarding CA Performance Management tool but all tickets are closed without any solution.
for example ::

  1. While generating group level 95 percentile report we found that it is taking any one element and generating the report on single element basis which is giving wrong result.
Please review CA Performance Management tool and development accordingly ehealth application.

  1. Business hour segregation is not provided for billing purpose.
  2. Business hours wise report is not available for more than one days, i.e weekly, monthly.
  3. TopN and Trend report feature is not available for all KPI metric.
  4. Group basis report is not available.
  5. Inbuilt Scheduling is not available into the system to provide multiple report and save multiple report on daily or time basis on server.


25 days ago

Hi Team,

These feature supported in previous application (eHealth) but not available in CA Performance Management. These are key feature and used by our esteem customer for their link performance and capacity planning, performance optimization and billing purpose.

25 days ago

As this option is not available in CAPM we have to do coding manually and it takes much time. Keeping this functionality will be helpful in saving time.