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Integrating Announcements into SDM Mobile

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03-13-2018 10:11 AM

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This vote would be towards adding the ability for us to be able to integrate current announcements within SDM directly into the mobile application. As an organization we use announcements to display current major outages or system impacts as they are happening. Being able to broadcast this or make these available immediately upon login into the mobile application, would be an excellent resource for our end users.




05-08-2018 04:04 PM

This idea is being Wish-Listed for potential inclusion in a future release.


Before this idea moves to the next stage (Currently Planned or Not Planned), I would like to invite community members to please provide additional input and/or vote. Please note that Wish-listed ideas are selected for inclusion in a release based on multiple factors including - number of votes from community members, alignment of idea with a release's themes and goals, complexities and risks involved in implementing the idea, so a timeframe for availability of the idea as a product feature/functionality cannot be provided. Additionally, the implementation of your idea may not be exactly as requested and/or may be delivered in a new user experience. 

05-05-2018 03:19 PM

Currently this feature is not available to mobile interface but worth watching the code space to see if this is feasible.


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