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Extend the number of audit resolutions

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07-14-2016 10:35 AM


Extend the number of audit resolutions.


Use case:

The customer currently has different business teams who are all compliance users and review items on a monthly/quarterly basis.   Due to various historical and process reasons, each of these teams use different sets of audit resolution options.


The current limitations in CA Data Protection limit the number of items to 40 items, however, the customer would like to have this customizable.  For example through a configuration value in some table in WGN_CMS (or) a property in a file.


26 days ago

For your reference, CA Data Protection has been announced as End of Life,  (please refer to the link below) and as such there will be no further enhancements added to the product.

CA Data Protection Stabilization and End of Life Announcement 


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