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Make CAPC Threshold Alerts passed to Spectrum NOT manually Clearable

Last activity 03-19-2019 09:09 AM
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03-19-2019 09:09 AM

CAPC/PM generates alerts that are passed to Spectrum related to utilization threshold violations. For example, for DIsk Full, High CPU utilization , etc. Once they are in Spectrum , and then also passed up to SOI, someone could manually "clear" the alert. 


 The issue I see here is that the alert may still be in violation. This alert will not be passed again or updated from CAPC to Spectrum unless, or until, the violation goes back below threshold values, resets, and they violates thresholds again.


- Is there a way, or could there be perhaps an option, to set a flag for these alerts so that when they are passed to Spectrum the alerts are not able to be manually cleared/deleted?