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SOI & HelpDesk Integration: Need way to add new status matching

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07-18-2016 04:10 PM

As of today there is no way to specify a different help desk status that is considered 'closed' that may exist on the Help Desk side. SOI just has a pre-defined list of closed statuses that it assumes means closed on the help desk side.

W/in in our HD system, we have a few more that mean 'closed' and there needs a way to specify these w/in SOI so SOI then will close the alert on its end and thus clear the alert w/in the respective domain managers.

What I'm refering to is the list of "Selected Status" when you do a Tools - Help Desk Configuration from w/in the SOI Console. We need a way to add new status to the list so SOI can match against what exists w/in the HD Integration.


07-19-2016 04:10 AM

For technical background how this is implemented in SOI (if you want to implement something prior to the Idea being considered for implementation):

The configuration is kept in the database, table HelpDeskConfiguration.

There are rows for every type of HelpDesk (order by HDType).

The different states for Auto-Clearing Alerts depending on the ticket status are in the row starting with <root>.

Find the block <hlpdsk-ticketStatus>.

You will see a <status>-block for every status that shall be considered, such as <status>Closed</status>.

You can add your own value <status>Special-Closed</status> to this block.

Following a restart of SOI (to read the updated DB tables) the status is shown in the UI as well.


I know this a "DB Hack", so be careful what you do.