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CA PM- Users export

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09-04-2017 07:55 AM

Hi Team,


In CA Performance management , We have crated mutiple users to access the Performance center. Can we able to export user list with all available role and rights assigned to it ?



poonam Patil


10-24-2017 03:40 AM

Hi Paul,

according to the docs, the users webservice only allows creation of a single user per call, one by one.

URL: http://hostname:8181/pc/center/webservice/users/role/{roleIdName}/{roleIdValue}

See also Users Web Service - CA Performance Management - 3.2 - CA Technologies Documentation  


10-23-2017 05:53 PM

Can we take the user export file (remove the admin user account) and then import the users to another PM instance.

10-16-2017 03:17 PM

Hi Poonam - I'm assuming Lutz's suggestion to retrieve CAPM user info via REST meets you needs and, therefore, I'm marking this idea as Delivered.  If that's not accurate, please let me know and we can reopen this.  Thanks.

09-05-2017 01:25 AM

Hi Lutz,


Thank you for your replay.

Now we are able to fetch requested details from above xml file.




09-04-2017 10:36 AM

Hi Poonam,

you can export the user definition in XML format using CA PC webservice:
http://CAPC:8181/pc/center/webservice/users/en-US (will prompt for admin user credentials)