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CA Spectrum - Enhancement on Tunnel Alerting Events

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Esterlyn Grace Navarrete Gonzaga's profile image
09-15-2019 11:24 PM

Good day, I escalated to CA Broadcom an issue where by all tunnels triggers alerts (0x10d11 - Bad Link) when the WAN port of the device went down.
Which creates around hundreds of Bad Link alerts instead of just 1 as the tunnels are not suppressed when the WAN port went down.

Tunnels are not a child interface of the WAN port, hence It was suggested to use condition correlation but CA Broadcom also informed that after they tested the condition correlation, it was also not working.

I was advised by post this idea for CA Broadcom to include this in the CA Spectrum Improvement.


Thanks Sam.

09-16-2019 10:47 AM

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