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Build a "Central Adminstration" to admin SDM without server access

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01-17-2018 12:01 PM

Hi People, 

In many organizations it is common for server administration to be the responsibility of some specific area (eg datacenter). So direct access to these servers is often not allowed.


To perform SDM administration, for some activities, the access to the server is necessary: Eg: execution of PDM commands, execution of WebScreenPainter (Client WSP does not run in HA), access to logs, etc.


So I propose to create a kind of "Admin Center" that will allow application administrators (SDM) to perform administrative tasks without necessarily accessing the server, like "Oracle Enterprise Manager".


Thus the responsabilities could be better segmented and managed (server and application).


Reference [origin]: Perform Service Desk Manager - SDM administrative activities [Benchmarking] 





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01-25-2018 07:34 AM

it's true timur. I thought about filtering some delicate commands in this shell interface but I have not done so yet. But I agree with you ... It is wiser to do this.

01-25-2018 07:11 AM


I remembered situation as I treid to update firmware of internet router over Wi-Fi because I haven't LAN cable, i followed those steps:

- connect router;

- before flashing binary, go to wifi area and disable it;

- copy binary to inner space, flash binary, etc...

Somewhere between pt.2 and pt.3 I realized that I did something wrong...


So I think you should add warning message to don't call pdm_halt or other stuff that can terminate SDM server which will disable this console And use automated fault-tolerant scripts instead.


Best regards,

Timur Alimov

01-24-2018 01:21 PM

I've developed a customization that lets you execute shell commands through a simple htmpl form. The source code is available at

01-19-2018 09:11 AM

I agree completely, especially concerning WSP in AA configuration.  I think having datacenter ops staff using WSP is out of bounds for normal duties and should be able to be performed remotely by the SDM admins.



01-17-2018 01:38 PM

I think this is an excellent idea!