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Visiable change of variables in JobPlan

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Current Workflow

Most of our Jobs contains a variable in Variables & Prompts so we can easily use the same Job with different parameters. All of them have a formating value like "YYYY" for a Year or "MM" for a two length Month number, so any Operator does easily know what to fill in. Same to any other Option like "DD.MM.YYYY"


If this Job is used in a JobPlan - it has to be filled in using a valid year:



If we have multiple Jobs using the same Variable &YEAR# we configure this Option inside the JobPlan itself - not in every DUMMY.JOB - which will then be filled via inheritance.




Sometimes our operator change a variable from YYYY to 2018

- then "ups it is already defined in the JobPlan itself" - and then change it back to YYYY (dont ask...).

Therefore (correct) inheritance is brocken - but no one will see this - otherwise exported as XML:


<row ERTUsage="0" Mod="1" Name="&amp;YEAR#" Value="YYYY"/>
instead of
<row ERTUsage="0" Mod="0" Name="&amp;YEAR#" Value="YYYY"/>




1. Easy Way

If a variable is (ever) changed - mark it (any way would be helpful)

2. Best way

Add a reset button

Reset Variables to default