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Increase CV BUFFER size – Switch from 31 to 64-bits addressing

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07-29-2020 08:34 AM

To ensure the 24/24 7/7, we set up an IDMS Datasharing instead of a single-member IDMS initially allowing to manage the update batches and the TP.


The new Datasharing member dedicated to read programs has a significant activity from consumer jobs.  These consumer jobs make heavy demands on CV buffers, CV buffers allocated below the 2 GB limit due to the 31-bit addressing.


This limitation prevents us from being able to allocate CV buffers large enough to handle the current activity, moreover this problem will worsen as the activity increases in the future.


We have observed that on consuming batches, even a limited increase in CV buffers has a significant impact on their performance.


We would like you to consider the evolution of the memory addressing of these buffers from 31 to 64 bits allowing much more substantial allocations in order to use all the software and technical potential allowed by the actual machines.


This addressing is already used for MEMORY CACHE and certain IDMS areas (SCRATCH, etc.).


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