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Wildcard Processor Group Enhancement

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05-08-2019 05:28 PM


The % placeholder does not work as expected within a Processor Group name. It would be very helpful if it did, considering Processor Group names are consistently named and may only vary by a single character. In the classic ISPF interface, if you do Display, the name masking works as expected. However, there are mixed results on the Add screen.  Wildcarding worked as expected, producing a list of the processor groups that matched but using a placeholder really messed up. CA advised me to use the % placeholder with the extra Apply List Filters menu for wildcarding the Processor Group name. While this does work, the Processor Group field is on the first screen and I shouldn’t have to navigate to an extra menu for Display to work correctly. This is a concern with both the Quick Edit and Batch Generate menus.  

Reference:  CA Case #01291382 - Wildcarding Processor Group Name.