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Development to QA to Production Promotion Utility

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06-26-2013 01:07 PM

We would like to see the ability to promote changes from one tier to another.
Currently, there is no way to promote changes in configuration and data from one environment to the next stage.
For example:
Auto Assignment Configuration
Knowledge Categories and Permissions
Schema Changes
Access Types, Roles and Data Partitions
Form Changes
and many other areas of configuration


05-09-2016 12:36 AM

Hi Pradeep - Please check the corresponding documentation here - CA SDM Environment Promotion - CA Service Management - 14.1 - CA Technologies Documentation

05-07-2016 12:12 AM


Can you please share your thought here, how we are achieving this in 14.1.02, are you referring to application server , stand by server approach.


11-09-2015 08:51 AM

This idea has been delivered in CA Service Management 14.1.02.


Thanks all for the idea and your active inputs.

08-24-2015 05:11 PM

We have written before some years one SDM WEB-Service application to compare development, reference and production environments.

It is possible to automated compare roles, scoreboard, scoreboard querys, access types, optionsmanager, go resources and some more.

This tool generates one XML file from one environment for <n> roles. We have one unique prefix for each tenant. Makes it easier to compare one tenant.


With one second function its possible to compare this configuration file with one different environment or with the same environment after some time to see the differences.

One similar function would be great:

- store actual configuration

- compare configurations

- promote configurations

08-17-2015 09:36 PM

I will vote for your idea

06-17-2014 01:01 PM

According to several other posts, this item is not part of a specific release plan at the moment - but it is definitely a high priority for the CA Service Management products.

06-17-2014 09:24 AM

Shawn - I agree!  This is a must have for our customers!!  This would prevent a TON of issues from having to be opened for sure as well     I am willing to help on this if I can in any way - its something I have been asking about for several years now.

06-17-2014 03:14 AM



Could you please share the concepts and details with me? This requirement is in our backlog and is being actively groomed. Details would help groom the requirement and provide better confidence around inclusion in a future release.

04-07-2014 04:33 PM

This is a great discussion. Promotion is aligned with planning. Currently we are researching approach and it is not part of specific release plan, but is in our product backlog. We are attaching interest from the community posting to support our planning. Additional UAT and promotion use cases and addition Community input is very welcome.

11-13-2013 04:14 AM

This is currently planned to be included in ITSM 13.0 release.

07-02-2013 04:35 PM

Shawn,<br><br>As you know, we have a &quot;process&quot; for rigorous promotion between environments.  We would be happy to share the concepts and even details, in the hope it could be productized.

06-26-2013 09:37 PM

Good Idea may be we can patent this...

06-26-2013 02:56 PM

That is a great idea.

06-26-2013 02:34 PM

Agree, great idea :)

06-26-2013 02:26 PM

Great Idea ;)

06-26-2013 01:58 PM

Great idea Shawn - this would be a HUGE help!

06-26-2013 01:17 PM

Is a good a idea..