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Need RBAC control for RestAPI in CA PM - performance center & Data Aggregator

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03-24-2020 01:39 AM

HI ,
    We need RBAC control for REST API users but in CA PM , there is no such feature so I would like to post here to get those features.
1. DA RestAPI - As of now there is no authentication needed.
2. CAPC RestAPI - Only local global administrator has access to this calls.

From the above 2 cases, there is no AD authentication as well. So we need the below features to be implemented:
1. Need AD authentication.
2. Need RBAC for RO(GET) & RW(PUT) permission( for eg, using curl method GET, PUT,POST operations)

AD Users with RestAPI can access our application with RO permission so that it won't be an any impact on it.

Please let me know your advice.