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Do Not Limit View Choices When Editing Dashboard Or Context

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07-22-2013 01:47 PM

Do not limit the view choices when editing a Dashboard or Context.  Right now there appears to be some logic being applied that is limiting what view choices you are able to select, beyond the obvious choices that wouldn't be available due to a lack of integration (ie: UCM, NFA, etc.)

Examples of this:

  • External Links -> Browser View
    • Not an option in Device Context
  • Device Details & Event List
    • These views are present in the out-of-the-box "Details" tab in the device context, but then are not available options to choose from when editing the tab.  This means if you were to remove these views, there would be no way to get them back without doing a "Restore Tabs to Defaults" and thus losing any other changes.


I think it's fine (and helpful) how the tool currently tries to bubble to the top and group the views that make the most sense per the context; however, when I expand "All Views" I expect that to actually be all possible views.

As our familiarity with the tool matures, so will our creativity with the dashboards -- and I feel the design choice to limit the available views may ultimately hinder this.


09-01-2015 12:24 PM

jason_normandin lets review this together with the story that requests multiple time ranges within the same dashboard for the same view

10-29-2013 06:01 PM

This is a problem with those views not with hiding views that don't have a matching context. Those views should have context added (and can be done manually) so that the hiding intelligence only hides the ones that don't apply. For example, you can't put a topN view on an interface page. Not only would it only have one item in it, but the underlying queries are fundamentally different and would result in errors if you were to put them on the page.

To fix the browser view, all you need is the control id. Then do this:
mysql netqosportal
update controls set pagecontexts=concat(pagecontexts,'|d|') where controlid=X;

I'm doing that query from memory so don't balme me if it's wrong.

07-30-2013 06:36 PM

Another example of view limiting is as follows:<br><br>The server context pages has a &quot;details&quot; tab. The device context pages only has a &quot;summary&quot; tab. I want a &quot;details&quot; tab on the Devices context pages.  I went to add a new tab with the details view (control) on it but that is not available under device context pages.