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MQ Series support in IDMS/DC

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07-02-2014 12:39 PM

As an IDMS application developer, I need to make calls to IBM MQ Series directly from IDMS/DC (COBOL, ADS, etc.) programs so I can expand my additional integration capabilities.


MQ support has been requested from time to time over the years. There are two third-party products that provide this.  MQ support recently came up in the AID (German) IDMS User Group meeting in Darmstadt and many customers expressed interest.   There are third-party products that provide MQ support for IDMS, but customers expressed interest in obtaining this support directly from CA.   Please let us know if this is important to your organization and why - what value would it provide?   What do you need it to do?  Thanks.


04-02-2019 10:34 AM

Hello All,


The CA IDMS development team is pleased to announce that we have delivered this enhancement request via PTF SO07191 for IDMS Release 19.0.  Thank you for submitting this request and for those that participated in our customer validation program!


Best Regards,

Nakesha Newbury

Product Owner, CA IDMS

07-09-2018 04:48 PM

Hi Tim,


We have started our validation process and our first agile delivery is available for download now.  We would welcome new users to help us ensure our MQ adapter satisfies their needs.

07-06-2018 04:17 PM

We currently have to code TCPIP transaction in IDMS ADS to call out and trigger a CICS transaction today in order to use MQ. It would much cleaner if we could access MQ directly from an IDMS/DC region.

01-12-2018 03:47 PM

I used to work for a company who built their own MQ Router, actually, before MQ was even used. They converted it to use MQ years ago, and have IBM Mainframe CICS and IDMS, AS400, Oracle, Non-Stop, Midrange, Windows Servers, etc, all talking to each other. Transactions are divided by queues, for individual applications, and levels of Test, Qual and Prod, to route to the proper Database Servers. Coming in to IDMS, the Task Code is part of the header record, is read by a Cobol program that runs in a Task that is started each time an IDMS Region is started. It checks it's queues, and when there is an entry, reads the queue, attaches the task, and checks for more entries. Has been working "Slick", for probably more than 40 years. I've worked on it for over 32 years myself. 

01-12-2018 10:55 AM

I am please to announce that the IDMS team has begun development of the MQ Adapter for CA IDMS.  As you know, this has been the highest ranked idea on communities with many votes in favor of it.  We are actively seeking validation users to help us ensure alignment with user needs.  If you can participate and help us shape this new feature please contact me at

11-27-2017 02:04 PM

That's is a great news !

I am sure our customers will be very satisfied.

Congratulations IDMS Team

10-23-2017 02:04 PM

The IDMS team has started planning the implementation of this feature and invites users to apply to join our validation program. Validation users participate in our Agile development process, have the opportunity to attend our iteration reviews to stay current on our progress and provide feedback, and help us validate that the software works correctly and satisfies user requirements.  If you are interested please contact me at

07-24-2017 02:58 PM


There are ways.  Reach out if you want to discuss.

Tom Hebert, ObjEx, Inc. +1 480-588-7776

07-24-2017 02:27 PM

Answering some questions asked about our client regarding the IDMS x MQSeries

1. What platforms are they trying to connect ?

      ==> Mainframe z/OS

2. What is the function of the application?

      ==> Consumer and provider of message to/from MQ Series using ADS/O and Cobol language programming 

3. Have they considered using SQL/Server/TCP for the connectivity instead?

     ==> Only as provider of messages

4. Are they still considering this?

     ==> Yes. Actually they have an user developed batch application that read the database and put / get messages to/from MQ  queues to be consumed by others applications using CICS.


They need to do it, using ADS/O and COBOL in central version mode directly.

04-22-2016 09:47 AM

Hello, Jaap Houtman.


As I said earlier, there is no way for the client to hire a third-party software, because it is a federal customer and Brazilian laws have many restrictions as well as prerequisites.

04-22-2016 08:25 AM

Hello George,


I just want to touch base with you, in the anticipation that you may have had some feedback from your client regarding whether they are willing to hire a third-party (MQSeries) software.



   Jaap Houtman


04-12-2016 06:45 AM

I just want to touch base with you, in the anticipation that you may have had some feedback from your client regarding whether they are willing to hire a third-party software.

04-01-2016 10:29 AM

Our shop uses OCA-MQSeries for IDMS since the early 90’s and it is installed using SMP/E, very simple to install.

04-01-2016 09:59 AM

We have done MQ into CICS and then used the CICS-IDMS interface to do the database work,




Tim Costello

Director, IT

First Data, 1307 Walt Whitman Rd, Melville, NY 11747

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04-01-2016 09:44 AM

I would like to provide you with additional information. However this information is not intended to be published in public. I hope you understand and agree and as such are willing to share your personal e-mail address with me. Thank you in advance.

04-01-2016 09:29 AM


I think it would be very difficult for the customer to hire a third-party product because Brazilian laws. Thank you for your personal e-mail address.

04-01-2016 09:13 AM

This is a point to consider but I do not know if the client is willing to hire a third-party software. I need to check . I think they are willing to develop an own solution using the MQI functions.

04-01-2016 07:50 AM

Another proven 3rd party MQ interface for CA IDMS is OCA-MQ from Rocket Software.  I have come across this product while working on a worldwide automotive parts inventory management system running in IDMS and using this interface.  You can find more information on the vendor's web site.

04-01-2016 07:11 AM

Dear Luc, many thanks for your end-user story. Very much appreciated! It's good to hear that the product as well as the organizations behind the product are meeting your as well as your companies requirements.

04-01-2016 05:04 AM

Just another thought "fadge03". Because CA, neither currently nor in the near future, does and will provide support for MQSeries, I would like to invite you the contact me on my personal e-mail address "" to discuss with you the "standard software" options available on the market that can help your customer to provide MQSeries support integrated into IDMS/DC. I look forward to hearing from you.

04-01-2016 02:48 AM

The best and simplest option in my opinion TODAY is to use a 3rd party product like Vegasoft MQ.  Installation and configuration is a breeze and you can use the MQSeries API from ADS in just the same way as you would do it in Cobol.  Developing a stable solution yourself looks a bit challenging to me... (but who am I to say).

03-31-2016 04:53 PM

One work-around – if you have cics connectivity to MQ – start an LU6.2 connection to a CICS task that would connect to MQ series ,,,


Just a thought




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03-31-2016 04:35 PM

Would a third party product be something they would be willing to consider, or will either be a MQ IDMS implementation by CA or homegrown solution the two feasible options for your big IDMS client?

03-31-2016 11:04 AM

Recently one of our big IDMS clients make a question about availability of an interface between ADS and MQ Series. They want develop a new system where MQ Series and IDMS ADS  is a prerequesite. So, as faster are available faster they will have their system. By now they are trying to develop a internal solution.

03-05-2015 11:07 AM

All of our CV's use 3rd party MQ software to talk to UNIX, Windows, and AIX platforms so for our organization it would be important to obtain this support directly from CA.

02-18-2015 04:22 AM

We are running lots of CVs where a third party product for MQ is anabled. Using such a MQ Api opens the access to the legacy systems running on z/OS like IDMS. Since over many years our installed third party product is working very well without any problems. For our organization it could be important to obtain this support directly from CA.

08-18-2014 12:41 PM

We are a heavy MQ user. Having built in support for MQ would be a great plus, especially from an overhead issue. It would greatly reduce some of our overhead by putting the MQ code down in the nucleus like a line driver rather than us calling interface programs in user mod.

07-04-2014 03:11 AM

Hi Greg, it would indeed be nice if IDMS would have its own interface to WebSphere MQ (MQSeries), although the third party products have done an excellent job over the last 15+ years.  That way it can be installed together with all the other IDMS components and I think our system engineers (and the people that manage software licences/contracts) would be glad about that :-)


One important note on this matter :  if you do consider to provide such an interface, make sure that existing code is easy to migrate; in the ideal scenario, this would be transparent (as far as code is concerned), except for maybe some special things like getting the trigger message if (for example) an ADS task is triggered by the IDMS/MQSeries trigger monitor...


CU, Luke

07-03-2014 07:32 PM

MQ is the defacto standard for pushing data type things from one environment to another in today's world. While there are options for pushing things from IDMS to other environments - some of them are a bit "Rube Goldberg"-like (see ) compared to the ease of using MQ. If you can't "push" from IDMS-DC applications - you need to store the data in an IDMS database - and then "pull" from another environment - but without MQ, for example, it's hard to tell other environments that there is anything of interest, or something new that needs to be pulled out. Cheers - GaryC